The Como district, where it’s most sold accessory is the necktie, is proud to have a prestigious history in silk Jacquard weaving, style and taste recognized worldwide by the most important labels in the field.
It is known for its silk mills’ precious Jacquard and printing qualities, reached over the years taking close care to detail, beauty and perfection in workmanship as reflected by “Made in Italy” manufacturing.
Having an enormous design archive that has grown since 1930’s, Pentagono proposes hundreds of new designs each season, which are used for ties, bowties, pocket squares, cummerbunds and vests as well as other men’s accessories.


The yarns typically used are the finest natural fibers of silk, wool, cotton, linen and cashmere. There is also an eye for more innovative yarns, both in terms of flair and performance which are constantly the object of our research and experimentation.


The possibility to have a vast yarn warehouse and the flexibility to dye new tonalities of color, gives us the possibility to offer a big chromatic proposal in each quality and product
category, always in line with the style and tendencies of the season.