About us


Our company’s heritage owns a long tradition, culture and know-how in weaving, handed down through the years and has evolved following the newest technologies available and meets the requests of an ever growing demanding market.


The constant research for product innovation, the development of refined and luxurious qualities, captivating and always in line with the new trends, and a particular eye to the environment are the main missions of Pentagono Seta.

All these efforts bring to a product that caters to a medium/high segment of the market which is destined to many of the most important brands in the field, large department stores and chain stores.

Production and control

Pentagono seta produces all the fabrics within its structure, beginning with the initial concept, all the way up to the finished product.

This gives us the possibility to monitor the development process, to have good flexibility in customizations, and to provide prompt support for new developments and guarantee exclusivity for our customer’s styles.

  • every season, a wide range of articles are proposed in each new collection, offering many patterns both classic and trendy in all our products
  • strict quality control in every phase of the production
  • packaging, barcode labeling and pre-packaging logistics following customer needs
  • informatic system flexibility, matching our customer’s software requests

One of our main objectives is to propose a product that has been developed respecting a healthy, fair, constructive and ecological process.
For this reason we take extra care in the selection of all our suppliers. For exemple, we buy first quality yarn in natural fibers, ensuring that the entire supply chain respects all standards and the basic ethical rules towards workers and the environment.

In our strategy, there is an awareness to preserve the stylistic choices of our customers as much as possible. Working with many of the most important names of the fashion industry, it is of mutual interest to guard and protect the style interpretation of each designer, up until the moment of their public presentation during the fashion show.